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To Blog or not to Blog? Hmmmm… June 1, 2011

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Hey there Blogging world.  It took me awhile but here I am.  I juggled this question back and forth in my mind for quite a while.  You see I am an aspiring writer.  I am half way through writing my first book.  I have written a few essays or short stories and I have been a journal keeper since I was 14 yrs old.  That would be 31 years for anyone keeping track.

So, one would think that blogging would be a natural progression in my process.  But it wasn’t.  I had a hard time deciding to lay it all out there for anyone who wanted to read my inner most thoughts.  They are private right?  Here’s the thing, I really don’t keep too many things private.  I am pretty much a live out loud type.  If there is one thing I have learned in my 45 years on this planet it is this, I am ok.

I really am, I am certainly just as appealing as the next person.  I really wish the whole world could reach this conclusion, we are all equally important.  To my own little fan club I am even pretty fantastic.  When I speak people do indeed listen.  And yet, it still took a long time to talk myself into this.  Then I began to examine my interactions.  I am a very vocal participant on Facebook.  I have no problem speaking to people I don’t know at the kid’s school, the salon, the grocery store.  And people talk to me as well, about very personal things.  My family jokes that I have “Dear Abby”  tattooed on my forehead.  I can’t go anywhere without hearing some strangers intimate details.   But blogging is still daunting.  Just coming up with a name for it is headache inducing. So, I did the math.  I came up with no good reason not to blog and several reasons it would be a great addition to my life.

Speaking of naming it,  I chose “Sage and Sass”.  Why?  I like to think I am pretty wise when I stop to think about things.  I take thinking very seriously and give whatever happens to intrigue me at the moment an obsessive amount of studying before I come to a conclusion about it.  On the flip side I am also extremely sassy.  I am prone to talking back and I am fluent in sarcasm.  Harmless sarcasm, I would like to add.  I am not one for taking people down a peg…without warning anyway.  My kids have not seemed to catch on to this yet, unfortunately.      LOL , but I still try.

Hey, I feel better already just writing this first introductory blog.  I have no idea what the subjects will be or what direction this will take but I can guarantee it will be honest, heartfelt and as interesting as I can manage.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I hope to.

Slainte’,  ~Sam