Sage and Sass

Sage and sassy wanderings of a curious mind.

Inquiring minds want to know… June 1, 2011

Hey there,

Since you are here I am guessing you want some background on the ditzy person behind the words.  Well, my name in the real world is Sam.  I am an aspiring writer, a wife , a mother, a daughter, a sister and my dogs best friend. 

My faithful companion


crazy man


our beautiful girls



I am inspired by just about everything.  I love all things creative and poetic.  I believe in my relationship with God and am blessed by His presence in my daily life.  

This is what bliss looks like!

I am in an incredibly close and spiritual relationship with my husband, my children and my dog.  I have an awesome collection of eclectic and crazy friends who rock my world.

Music, reading, writing, knitting and coffee are all balms to my soul.

I am thoroughly enjoying my journey on this planet and I hope you enjoy your journey through my thoughts.

Slainte’  😉


Thx for listening! 😉


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