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What just happened? or customer service, what customer service? January 23, 2012

I am a green minded person, I try to recycle, upcycle, shop local and all that jazz but I have to voice my displeasure and pass on what happened to me at Speedway Thrift Shop today. Actually, it all started Friday. I decided that the purses I craft are gonna be earth friendly also.  I came up with the idea to recycle good quality hardware from thrift store purses. I found several at Speedway Thrift that would work great. I also found this amazing belt that had conchos that slid onto the belt that would have been perfect for using as the sliders on the straps of my purses. It was tagged at $4.98. It was a fair price and would give me sliders for eight purses.  Awesome!

I made my way to the register. As I was putting everything on the counter to pay I accidentally ripped the tag off the belt by catching it on the counter. The cashier saw it happen. She then tells me she can’t sell it to me. Apparently they cannot sell anything without the tag attached. Sounded silly to me since it happened right there at the register but I say “ok, so what do we do now?” Four people later they were still telling  me I cannot buy the belt until Monday and if I want it that is the only way. I was miffed and thinking , that is a really stupid policy. The one who seemed the most in charge said if I came in early she would make sure I got it.
So this morning I set out to go in there and get the belt.  I look on the rack, no belt.   I looked for and found the girl who told me to come back and she says, “sure I’ll go look.” But not before she makes a few purchases of her own, works the register and helps 2 other people. She finally goes into the back and finds the belt and says it hasn’t been retagged yet. I give her the hairy eyeball and she says, “I’ll go back and ask her to tag it now.” 45 minutes later, I am not exaggerating, she comes back with the tagged belt. She says, “you are not gonna like this.”  That was an understatement.  The tag says $24.95. I amazingly did not yell but said very calmly, “are you kidding me?” She replied, “I know right, she looked it up online and said it is a Brighton and never should have been priced that low.” I answered, “I don’t care if it’s Armani, the tag said $4.98 on Friday and I am only paying $4.98. It is not my fault that it was tagged too low, it was torn off at the register in front of your employee and now I feel like your manager is taking advantage of the fact that I came back to buy it. Your employee made the mistake in tagging it wrong and I made a second trip down here, I want to speak to the manager.”  She says ok and disappears behind the door again.

10 minutes later she comes back and says, “she will only come down to $15.”  I said, “I want to speak to the manager, now, this is wrong.” She said, “I know, you are right, but she is not gonna budge.”  I again tell her I want to speak to the manager.  She heads into the back again and another 10 minutes goes by.  When she returns, she says,  “She will not go lower than $15.  She looked it up online to show me how expensive it is and she said to tell you she is on the phone with the owner and will not be out for a very long time.”  Now I was pissed. I told her I did not appreciate being taken advantage of and wasting an hour and a half of my time to do so.  And I would not be shopping there ever again.  She just kept nodding and agreeing with me.  All she could do I suppose.

What kind of business is that?  It is a thrift shop I realize but don’t fair business practices sort of flow over into all kinds of business?  They should anyway.  I will not be shopping there ever again and if any of you do I caution you to make sure the tag doesn’t fall off of anything you really want to buy there. Sheesh! Grrrr…

Ok, I feel better now, thanks for listening.  I will now follow my own personal mantra of , everything happens for a reason.  The purses will be better off without them and there are plenty of other thrift shops out there that will treat me fairly.  Take that you mean old thrift store!  LOL


Sam 😉


2 Responses to “What just happened? or customer service, what customer service?”

  1. whitemtnlady Says:

    That is NOT customer service, it’s called lets rip her off for as much as possible. That would be my last time to visit them.

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