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OMG is that a tattoo? or I mean, wow, that’s really pretty! July 15, 2011

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Recently a friend made a comment on Facebook about loving the reaction she get’s from people who find out she has a tattoo.  It got me thinking about how I react when I see one.  Everyone who knows me knows I am the poster child for “do not judge a book by it’s cover.”  I look like a normal, average wife and mother, whatever that means, but I live life out loud.  What does normal mean…oh never mind.  Anyway, back to the tattoos.  I, personally love them and am likely to accost people to question them about theirs.  I currently have three and a fourth on the drawing table.  I designed my first three.  The first being simply footprints that represent my babies on my ankle.  Green footprints for Tyler Jade and pink, slightly smaller ones following behind the green ones for my Jordie Rose.  A few years back I had reddish paw prints added for my beloved red heeler, Micka.  When I got the first one at the ripe old age of 32 mind you, my mother freaked.  I would have expected no less from my genteel, southern, pentecostal Mama.  She eventually got over it.  I think?               

The second one was a present from my new Usband on our first Valentines day together.   Matching tats.  I designed a circle of gaelic words and a claddagh that mirrors our wedding bands.  A sentiment that reflects both of our mind sets regarding love and therefore not breaking the taboo of never get a name or something you will regret if that relationship goes south.  I am wild and creative, not stupid.  Even though I am certain this man is mine for the rest of my days.  Usband got his on his chest and I got mine in the location of the oh so popular tramp stamp.  Lower back area for those of you not in the know.  My reply to a friend who attempted to tease me in regards to this location?  “It can only be a tramp stamp if it is actually stamped on a tramp.”  So there.

My third, is a drawing I had played around with for years that sort of represents my own spirit.  It’s a celtic seahorse.  If you haven’t guessed by now, I am of Irish decent and feel a very strong pull to all things celtic.  Since my first tat was representing my babies and the second one my love, I thought it was time I got one that represented me.  I am a Pisces and my Celtic sign is seahorse.  This one is on the back of my neck.  My mother has about a 50/50 track record of stopping herself from making her opinion known whenever she happens to see it.  I am proud of her effort! 

I am always surprised when people are surprised by my body art.  I realize I have perfected the whole chameleon way of life.  I am good at fitting in.  I am comfortable in my own skin and curious about the whole world so I usually do not stop to think about whether or not I will fit in somewhere, I just “travel” where I please.  And for the most part it works out more than it doesn’t.  I am equally comfortable in a conversation with church ladies as I am with the two young men I had an interesting conversation with at Borders last week.  I asked them if that was the new issue of High Times they were snickering over and if it was could they pass me one.  They did rather slowly and with their mouths agape.  A lively conversation about marijuana laws ensued.  Up until now my tats have been fairly modest and carefully placed.  But still, I am so used to my quirky and diverse nature that I think it should somehow be immediately obvious to all who meet me.

So what, you may ask, is this fourth one going to be about?  Well, I am back to square one I guess.  I have been pondering the whole empty nest thing, even though it is a few years away.  Time does fly you know.  And my bubby is 10 years old now, that’s getting up there for a heeler.  My girls, who are not babies anymore will be central as will my little shadow walker Micka.  A celtic tree of life is in there.  It is coming together nicely, will be rather large and the location is going to be my right thigh.  This one will not be as discreet as the others.  I have decided I enjoy the artwork I wear and am not so concerned with covering it up at this stage in my life.  I am 45 afterall, that is considered adult isn’t it?  I live in the desert, shorts and swimsuits guarantee it will be obvious.

So what do you think?  Will you think differently of me when you see it?  Oh dear…poor Mama…




8 Responses to “OMG is that a tattoo? or I mean, wow, that’s really pretty!”

  1. You are so cool! Love your tats! I have 2 of them…both butterflies. Love the blog!!!

  2. Too bad my cousin’s shop is in NY or she could do your next one. LOL! She does great work! Here’s a link to her FB page:

  3. ennospace Says:

    they look crazy but really very creative!

  4. Adria Says:

    To tat or not to tat that is the gazornenplatz. 🙂 Sam, you are a unique and creative person. I tend to comment on other peeps tats also. It is a great conversation opener. As a counselor, I have had clients who sport tats when they come in to me, and commenting on their body art is a great door opener and usually gets us started off well in the first and sometimes second sessions to build trust. I personally have no tats, because I have a rather large pain avoidance thing. I have enough scars on my poor old body to make up for lack of body art.
    I think tats are a personal thing and if tastefully done they are fine. I do have a problem with guys tattooing naked women on their biceps and other public areas of their body. That IMHO is icky. but if they aren’t pornographic I have no problem with em. SO, Tat away girlfriend. 🙂

    • Adria, they are an excellent ice breaker. And the truth is most people with tattoos don’t mind sharing info about their tats cuz they are a part of us and usually mean something very special. 🙂

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